Slide menus - animated menus for your webiste (javascript keyframe based animation/tween) using jQuery.Alladyn framework.

This website is a presentation of keyframe based animation/tween in javascript. To make it more interesting a presentation is done using a submenu (using nested <ul>/<li> elements). An item that is of interest to any web-designer.

To the top-left you can see a drop down menu with list of available submenu transitions (currently: ) - just choose one of them, move your mouse over "Sample menu" button to observe your chosen transition in action.

To make it more user-friendly a randomly chosen transition is loaded at startup (if there's no previous selection).

The jquery.Alladyn code is a combination of Alladyn project (based on v. 1.6), jquery and motion equations that are really easy to use. It also adds some more functions and has some api enhancements.

The jQuery.Alladyn as well as scripts used on this website (menus and Matrix Clock) source code is licensed under GNU GPL license.

Have fun :)

In case you want to contact me just send an email to:

jQuery.Alladyn at jQuery plugins | jQuery.Alladyn at

Slide menus

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